I pray every day.  The others around me do too.  Their actions and harsh words tell me that their reasoning for prayer is not sound.  They seek to empower themselves.  This is tough.  I feel so alone.  every time I have a new revelation given to me by Jehova it is as if the vail that is taken off of my remembrance simultaneously pushes me that much further away from those around me.  At least we have this tower project going on.  Their is a lot of team work here and it feels good to have that connection with my brothers.

Honestly though, even this tower is enmity.  I can sense it.  I know they do too but they are better at ignoring that sense than I am.  “Building a tower to heaven” they say.  Seems noble.  It’s not though.  They guise it with the thought of being closer to Our Father in heaven.  The truth is that they are trying to make a permanent and impressive monument that will always show others the power of us.  “So that our name will not be scattered abroad” They say.  Whatever.  I know the truth.  It is plain to see with My Father’s eyes resting here in my cranium.

Something is going to happen.  God has spoken to me.  I know He will not let it go through.  I know He will stop it, I just hope no one gets hurt in the process.  I pray as I work that their eyes will be opened.  Maybe that will make them stop.

This morning I woke up and everybody was freaking out.  They couldn’t stop touching their mouths.  I am still speaking in the dialect I spoke yesterday, and a few others are too, I am so thankful that most of them seem to be open to the ideas that God has brought me to understand.  Some of them seem even closer to Him than me!  So thankful to have brothers who can teach me and relate to me.  The others though seem to have been broken up into groups based on languages.  each of them speaking different dialects.

They will end up scattering through out the world sticking together with those who they can understand.  How ironic.  I was seeing fire and rocks coming from the sky to destroy the tower.  This.  This though was crafty.  My God is indeed king.  I fear Him, I love Him.