The Lord told Adam not to eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil.

A tree’s fruit represents an outward expression of inward work.   Like building an empire may be the outward expression of a man’s love for a woman he is trying to impress or a Father he is trying to best so that he will be made happy with him.

So the tree of the knowledge of good and evil makes fruit that when partaken of made the woman and the man to see that they were naked.  This gave them shame.  It made them run away from pure love and truth: God.

This scared me when I thought of it.  I thought that the Bible must be a fruit of  the knowledge of good and evil.  This thought came with a per-requisite thought though.  Many days ago God had me realize that there are many people in the Bible.  Some as antagonists, many though are there for us to see as role models.  The Bible is more of a How-to book.  A book filled with examples of how God has treated others in the past.

The Bible does not give us the knowledge of good and evil.  We have no knowledge of good and evil, only about a bites worth.   Just enough to have a conscious.  Or to be conscious of shame.

The Bible is a book wherein each of the role models within have one thing in common: each of them have a relationship with God.  The ones who have eternal life have learned of God’s intentions for them.  They followed His steps for them as closely to as best that they could with little regard for their culture’s current processes.  Spoken and unspoken.

Let us note that in writing Jesus never encouraged anyone to go into the synagogue.  He simply encouraged people to believe in Our Father.  for example… blah blah blah something unnatural, awesome and helpful so that you may believe.  And this in a time when people HAD to follow the law or they would be severely punished.  Everyone was living under God’s law, yet enough of them were living in unbelief of a God they outwardly celebrated regularly that Jesus had to show them His power.  The high priests failed at this.  They were being used by satan to use God’s law to keep people away from Him.

With the little knowledge that we have been given about good and evil life is the way it is today.  I don’t know how this correlates, but if we had kept eating from that tree it would have made us immortal.   I want to take a minute and thank God for keeping us from making the mistake of becoming immortal in an existence that is at odds with Him.  I want to thank Him for earning our freedom in Him back and for giving everyone the opportunity to  earn immortality by way of Him who loves us.