Jesus prayed that The Father’s will be done while He was in the Garden of Gethsemene.  The Father’s will was for Him to give up His life, literally.  Jesus had already been giving up His life every day and every moment in order that His Father’s will be done through Him.  He was preparing the world for the spotless lamb, and the spotless lamb for the sacrifice.

Satan is one of the more powerful things ever created and he has put veils within us to keep the truth we speak from being revealed to us.  Thats right, as counterintuitive as it may sound: the truth we speak from being revealed to us.  The only way I have come close enough to God on earth in order that Satan’s veils be lifted is by giving my life to Jesus.  I did that more than 4 years ago and only in the last year have I been saved.

I have said “I believe in Christ” all my life.  It was a lie that I was telling others.  Satan was using my own lips to tell me exactly what he wanted to keep from me.  In  me saying I believed, and truly believing that I believed, there was no room for me to realize what the definition of believing was so that God could work in my life.  None of these words will ever sink in to anyone until they have truly given their life to God.  It is the only way.

It says that if we believe then we are saved.  This makes Satan’s job hard.  He is good at it though.  Most Chrisitians don’t know that they don’t believe.  And the people who can say that they don’t believe ought to be held in high regard because their honesty will make believers out of them.  It will also make the job of the gospel spreader easier.

Its like this: two men walk into a tattoo studio.  one is covered head to toe in tattoos and one is a fresh canvas.  Which one is less challenging for the artist to ink up.