This was written before Christ came.  It says in verse 4 that <people far away will trust His teachings>  People in almost all the world trust His teachings. He was a traveler but He Himself did not go very far from Nazareth.  People far away in the scope of distance over the land and in the scope of time both trust the teachings of The Father.  It is written in all of us!

<Here is my servant, the one I support.

He is the one I chose, and I am pleased with Him.     * note that it does not say proud*

I have put my spirit upon Him, and He will bring justice to all nations.

He will not cry out or yell or speak loudly in the streets.

He will not break a crushed blade of grass

or put out even a weak flame.

He will truly bring justice;  he will not lose hope or give up until He brings justice to the world.

And people far away will trust his teachings>

How did He bring justice to the world?

Adam and Eve were tricked into sinning. It is justice that sin is defeated so we can live with God.  How else is Jesus bringing justice to the world?  Is this psalm speaking of Jesus?