I wrote this a while back.  Now, as I am learning what grace is all about I am finding that this idea may not be entirely true. If you can help me learn what grace is all about I would appreciate it.  A personlised and prayerful message from Our Father through you would be so incredible and appreciated. I would owe you one.

Recently a friend and I ran a 5k for breast cancer.  Along the way there were balloons and arrows telling us where to go.  My friend showed up nearly 20 minutes after the start.  We got lost.  We had to take a few breaks to stretch.  So we pretty much ran the whole thing by ourselves.  We were our own pack.  After getting lost and then finding the way again we kept worrying about whether or not we were going the right way.

There were balloons and arrows pointing the way.  So every time we saw an arrow or balloons it was a celebration.  “Yes, we are going the right way!”

We are taught to take joy in following the law.  Seeing that we are not under the law, but under grace we have to wonder “why is all that law in there then?”  I have found that they are like arrows and balloons in a 5k.  I mean to say that it is very difficult for us to know if we are walking in the light or in the dark.  If we are under grace, we will undoubtedly be following the law.  We will take joy in following those laws.  It will be what we want to do and our will power can be used to shun what the flesh wants and to follow our God given motivations.

     Now that I have read this again I see where I might have been misguided. God created this world and spoke it into existence.  To have a set standard of laws is important in order that there be a certain amount of peace and live-ability in the world.  

     Just like at work, people who are supervisors or coordinators are allowed to bend and break the rules in order to get the job done.  The world must function and in order for it to function there is a certain set of laws which God created, then gave to humans in the old testament and has written that universal standard down in The Bible for now-a-days.  His people can bend and break those rules in being obedient to Him in order to get the job done.

This idea may be in harmony or contradiction to this posts idea that if you find yourself taking pleasure in following the laws of God then you are living with Him.