Gleaning: God is king, but there is a great lie driven into some of us that satan has used to keep us unsaved.  God created satan with a great deal of power, however God himself has more power than that still.

Let’s say we have a guy, Steve, who is new to church.  He kind of has an idea of how church people are and knows that through the eyes of the earth, people who go to church are good so therefore most everything they do should be followed.  Steve knows that people say ” I believe that Christ is my savior.”  So when some one asks Steve if he believes that Christ is his savior Steve knows he doesn’t really know what that means, but he knows it is the right thing to say, so he says yes. This is the beginning of a lie.

He is not sure if he knows what that means and when he does find out that it means that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins he keeps on lying to those around him and to himself saying “I believe Christ died for my sins”.   At first this lie is uncomfortable and new but eventually rolls off the tongue very easily, because heck, it is the right thing to say, right?.  He says it with conviction and gusto.  He says it with feeling and sometimes full of emotion and in an avuncular way to new comers.

Soon Steve believes his own lie that he believes in Christ crucified and he goes to church, fellowships with believers and feeds the poor, he does morally and virtuously Christian things in business.  He takes many sacrifices in order to look to the world and feel himself like he is living with Christ.  The truth is He never knew Christ. One day, Steve dies.  He meets Jesus and Jesus tells him that He never knew him.  What!!  I lived for you!  Jesus says, “no”, you never knew me.  You lived by my laws and morals and in fellowship with the church because you knew it would behoove you, that is not living for me and there were times when I spoke to your heart and you ignored me.

You see, we cannot know the Father without Jesus.  We cannot know, believe, or understand Jesus without Him.  Because <The carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.>  That’s in Romans. God is in control of everything.  He has given satan rein, partially, here on earth.  Satan is the great deceiver and he wants to harvest souls.  He has one job and it’s incredibly difficult:  make sure no one believes on/in Christ.  If we believe then we are saved.  Here is the kicker.  We cant believe on Christ without Christ.

Fictional Metaphor: It works kinda like this:  We live in a world that is about to see the apocalypse.  There is a manor that, when the apocalypse happens, will detach from the earth and be able to  float in place of earth as earth falls into outer space.  The only way to get to the manor is to be a bond servant of the manor’s owner.  The only way to understand the necessary things to function on the manor you must live there as a servant.  If you don’t then you will stay on the earth, unable to function on the manor and therefore will fall with the earth as it is destroyed in outer darkness.

We cannot believe without Christ.   Christ will not know us unless we know Him.  In order for us to know Him we have to be willing to give up our lives and give them to Him.  When we do this He puts us to work on the manor, doing exactly what we were made to do.  We will find God’s peace in all that we do.  And, eventually, being a bond servant to Him will put us in a place where we can look at ourselves, internally, and honestly say “man, I don’t actually believe that my sins are taken from me”.  In being honest with yourself, you find that God will show you that it’s true.

Now, you will no longer say that you believe out of fear of what people will think of you when you are honest about your place in the kingdom.  You will be honest about your belief and you will be rewarded for that honesty.  If people look at you like you are the spawn of satan when you say you don’t believe, it is important to tell them that you are in no way trying to work against Jesus, you are just being honest about your belief and current relationship with the gospel.  God will take care of the rest.  His word will carry you into the revelation that He really did die in such a way that conquered sin.  He is risen and king of all.