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Ahoy, Maytees and shiver mee timbers on this fine May day.  Please pray for me to plug back into my communities’ bible studies, prayer groups, and God loving people’s daily schedules.  Please pray for my friend’s knees and ankles and May God bless you richly for having Him on the forefront of your mind.

Spiritual life is like being in a large room filled with pillars that are holding glasses.  some glasses are filled with water and others are not.  You go to one and drink from it with the others who are drinking from that glass and you are filled.  Now able to relate with the others who are drinking from that glass you have a social connection and you stick around for a few months or a few years.  Eventually the glass stops filling you.

A little scared and a little excited about a new experience you change your group, your social structure, and drift to another pillar holding another glass.  after many decades you have tried most all of the glasses.

Some podiums you have avoided because the people around those podiums obviously are not happy.  You remember being filled at other podiums, and knowing you will not be filled properly you go anyway because it is all you know.  There is one podium that is said to bring a life full of love and joy and peace.  Unfortunately the people who drink from that cup have heavy burdens to bear.  You start to think about maybe jumping into that group as you have tried everything else.  In studying those who have drank from that cup you notice that although their burdens are great they seem content and balanced.  How can this be?

Although they are living within the burden the cup’s life is living within them.  It created them, all the other cups, and the burdens for each of the people carrying those burdens.  The life in the cup has prepared the drinker to handle those burdens.  The burdens will completely crush them if they stray from that cup.  All of the people who drink from the cup of life struggle to not return to the other cups in the room which is why the cup of life has designed the burdens they begin bearing to be heavy enough to crush them if they stray to another cup.

You decide it is time to try that cup.  You learn that you must give everything to this cup and with some resistance and doubt you give it a try.  You feel contentment, peace, an overwhelming wave of self awareness shows you who you really were and who you can be.  You feel filthy, ashamed, exposed, but somehow you are being loved capriciously and abundantly for it.  Over time the spiritual being that is in the cup weaves itself into you and you begin to see the other podiums for what they really are and you slowly become an unwelcome guest to each of them for any extended period of time.  All you want is for the people who are attending the other podiums to have the fullness of life that you are experiencing.  The cup of life you are drinking from changes your thought patterns and you become truly content (having God’s peace) in any situation and under any circumstance.  You are happy knowing that you have eternal life and a place in forever to pass into when you shed your flesh to free your spirit to Jesus Christ.