Lord Christ, holy, holy holy are You. and we always are surrounded by Your g l o r y.

Have you, reader, ever had such an experience that it created a new path in the life you lead?  Think of a time when you became a part of something that seemed to be so great and so much more important than anything you could have ever imagined until that point.  If you are where you are now because this experience successfully abated the rest of the human experience then you had an experience similar to that of the prophet Isaiah.All other goals and aspirations die away and one is left with a renewed sense of meaning.

Isaiah saw The Lord.  The Lord was sitting on a throne and the train of His robe filled the temple.  The voice of the seraphim that were singing His praises came in such power and glory, such magnificence that the very posts of the doors shook.  Incredible.

With all of these happenings the man Isaiah recalls being “undone”.  Although this being a single word and without much umph I will venture to make the point that a man being made undone is monumental.  Considering the surrounding events though it pales in comparison.  These events caused Isaiah to cry out knowing how licentious the speech of he and his people are: <“Woe is me for I am undone!  Because I am a man of unclean lips”>.

In His repentant state he is sanctified for the work of The Lord.  A seraphim flew to him carrying a hot coal with which he is purged of his sin, and his iniquity is taken away.  The Lord speaks: “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?” Isaiah has seen the holiest, most powerful, most pure, most loving being in creation.  The world is nothing in comparison.  Any earthly goals or pleasures are nothing.  Any amount of comfort or earthly tenderness . . . nothing.  Isaiah has been ruined.  There is nothing that his life will ever come in contact with that could give him the determination to be a servant like what he has seen on this night in the temple.  <“Here am I!”> He says <“send me”>.

The Lord then prepares Isaiah for what will happen to him.  For what happens to you when you see the truth plainly but people do not want to hear it.  What happens to me in the same way.   What the church faces whenever wanting to help some one see the beauty that is God whilst the world wants to cling to the world with all its might.  Let us hope our avuncular manner shows solid Godly love.  The Lord tells Isaiah, and is telling us

  • <“Make the heart of this people dull”>
  • <“And their ears heavy”>

Imagine a bank account that is swelling with money in order to be spent one day slowly, in retirement, or all at once on a yacht.  Isaiah is told to fill the people’s ears with the words of The Lord that they will not cognitively accept or understand at that moment.  One day though they will remember the words of The Lord, they will understand His sayings and keep them held dear.

  • <“And shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and return and be healed>

“lest they”.  To a believer these words are easy to understand.  We know that God has put us on earth for a reason and that all things work together for the good of those that believe.  God loves His children and reprimands us because He loves us.  His powerful word will keep but a few chosen from accepting the truth.  If the world as a whole did accept the truth, the world would not be as it is.  We would not have the chance to learn how to make heaven heavenly.

Isaiah has been an incredible book for me to read.  There is so much spiritual growth to be had within the first ten chapters.  The growth kind of ceased after the mid teen chapters though.  Please pray for me that I stay humble and loving towards people in order for me to have the honor of learning from Our Father again.