Prayer:  Lord Jesus please prepare the way for your life in our lives.  Bring us to a place where we want to spend the time, the energy, the risk it takes in order to contemplate and accept the deeper knowledge of Your Word and who You are.  Your amazing love is showing Your church how to live rightly,  thank You for Your strength in us and the ability we have to share life with You in Your Sons name, Jesus Christ.

Post:  Christ came so that we may have life and it more abundantly.  It says something along those lines in the latter part of John ten ten.  We say immediately in our carnal minds “yes, of coarse.”   Why do we say this?, because attached to that thought and much quieter is: “because everything the bible says is right or true”.   We accept scripture and then move on with our lives without giving the truth the time to take root in us.  In a sanctified way, if we are in the mindset of the spirit: life and peace, we will allow that truth to sink in and affect our lives, bringing us closer to God.  These are the parts of God’s mind He has shown me through this scripture:

The key for me right now in this scripture is abundance.  Why doesn’t it say “Christ came so that we may have life” period, end of sentence? (this is why)  This can be answered in the begging of verse ten.  The end of verse ten is a complete thought however is preceded by a completion of the place in Jesus’ mind that will unlock truth for us.  The entire verse reads like this:

<The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.>

So what have we learned here?  That the enemy uses the little bit of authority that God has given him over life so that he can steal, kill, and destroy.  He gives the world enough life to ensure there is life available for him to destroy.  The kingdom of the flesh which has a mindset of death is where most the world resides.  Not immediate death, but eventual.  We are allowed to pursue happiness and success and all the good things in life before we die within the laws of death.  God holds the vast majority of life and in His mercy dishes it out in such a way that works to the greater good of all believers.

Jesus, He has done something that allows for us to live outside of the kingdom of the flesh.  What He did in life gives us a small pathway in the game of life that is an escape from death (remember, not death as in believe in Jesus or else your going to get hit with Pei Mei’s 5 point palm exploding heart technique, but death as in the idea that no matter what you do life is going to end and it wont be pretty for the last few decades) into life abundantly.  Not just enough to be able to be played while the enemy tricks us into thinking we are playing.  Christ gives us enough life to conquer.  He gives us goals and then equips us with enough reasons to want to accomplish them, enough challenge to make it worth while, and enough life to get through it avuncularly.

The Point:

  • The life that Jesus provides for us is in abundance.
  • The life that we are provided with as newborns until we begin to get saved is from God yet with restrictions provided by the fallen.