Good day to you!  My friend at work is struggling.  He uses drugs.  He clings to the Lord though.  Everyone has their struggles.  Please pray for him.

Living in the new covenant can sometimes be difficult.  It is hard sometimes to discern if some one is doing good or evil.   We have a set code of morals and values to follow and discript rules yet sometimes in achieving a God given goal some rules are broken.  I think the main point in the first 8 verses of Chapter 6 of Hebrews is asking newer believers to be patient and have faith in the actions of older believers.

They are being asked to have a lot of faith.  It is hard to be lied to or tricked or to watch an older believer lie or trick some one, for example, even if it is a white lie and then continue to claim that we cling to Jesus.  We must be patient and watch how the situation unfolds, trust in the relationship others have with Jesus and enjoy the fruit of the churches actions.

Be blessed today.  God loves you.