Lord, I could be wrong on this however it has helped me in knowing the power you wield.  Let’s think about ratio’s.  like the ratio of 1 to a million in 1/1,000,000.  When a piece of cedar is cut to size for a wall there is some sawdust that is cut out.  What would that ratio be?  the ratio of the saw dust to the board left to be used.

Let’s say when God created He made power along with everything else and He gave himself the majority of the power, allowing evil to control the earth.  I read somewhere in The Bible the heaven-lies also have some evil they must be in constant prevalence over.  This is where I came up with this:

Everyone has a favorite thing.  I think Jesus’ was food.  The last thing He did wasn’t a boat ride, or a walk, or a sermon, or a healing with his friends, it was a supper.  The first thing He did to kick off His ministry was to fast from food and water for 40 days.  40 DAYS!!!!  That’s insane.

Imagine a desert, and Jesus in it.  No protection from the elements and nothing earthly to fuel his bodies flesh.  There was no food out there and a whole lot of something… was it dust and sand?  Did this make Him think of His earthly dad’s trade?  Did He tangentially in his perspicacious nature connect the dust with what was left over from sawing a piece of wood?  Did He think of the dust falling to the earth as a sprinkling of power to give to the fallen angels whilst the rest of the wood was made to be something beautiful right then and right there?  Like the temple made for king David.  Who knows what the saw dust turned into hundreds of years down the road.