<Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.>

This is in the latter part of Matthew 13.  Lets dive into this lesson together.  Lets take just two deep breaths and ask for The Holy Spirit to give wisdom and guidance through this study.

Jesus was telling his disciples just a few verses before this one how the kingdom of heaven is demonstrable, however few will see or hear of it when it is all around them and potentially available.

What do we know about a pearl?  Here are the things that I know:

  • pearls are made in an oyster (an unclean food)
  • they start off as a grain of sand
  • they are an irritant to the oyster
  • they are a treasure

Holy Spirit, with this knowledge help us to connect how the kingdom of God is likened unto a pearl that a merchant found, then selling all he owned to have it got it.

Let us also see one thing.  The Disciples were told they would become fishers of men.  We use this metaphor all the time in our Christian lives.  Do you remember when you were dating and you would meet some one and they would show you how great they are for a few months.  After you become emotionally involved with them and strings are attached they begin to let their not so attractive side show.  This is an example of having hooks and the world is full of them.

The Disciples probably did not use hooks however when they were fishing.  They cast nets.  Metaphorically we see that they did not stand in front of crowds and tell them all the great things of Christianity and then leave out the potential for persecution and longsuffering.  They cast God’s nets and when the people accepted being part of the catch the nets stayed the same.  Maybe they even slowly became and were much better then maybe it seemed it would be.