The Lord God is my rock and my shield. In Him I have my salvation.


You know, any book can be read and be interpreted to bring us to conclusions of good moral’s and values. Good moral’s and values has saved exactly zero people. The Bible saves. Because it was written and compiled by The Creator of The World with the goal to bring us to salvation.
We can change internally.  This internal change brings outward action.  Spiritual fruit in a fallen world.  God, help us to live in humility, knowing every good action that comes from a carnal mind is truly evil.  A means to an end, a trick, ensuring us our good deed will bring upon us a crop of goodness, or cover some past evil, or lead us to salvation. Anything that comes from the human heart is evil whether it is stealing or volunteering, or preaching, or building a church.
Unless it comes from the mind of God, the heart of God, from Him alone comes everything good and through us He makes this world a place that can point up to Him as we in humility praise the name of Our Father in heaven.


Father I want to believe that when I am gone I will be at rest in The Son. I want to know that you are not coincidence or a hap hazard collection of thoughts gathered by the collective unconscious. I want to be your child and I want my faith to grow. I want to give you all of me. For now the facets of me that I am capable of giving are yours. I love you Aba, Yaweh is Your name and in You I entrust the most precious of life’s gifts.