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Heavenly Father, gracious and everlasting Lord, You are in control of everything and we submit to this truth in humble righteousness.  Bring your thoughts and blessing into our hearts and minds so that Your word may be what passes our lips.

That’s tough sometimes, right?  Stubborn people who have a belt filled with earthly ammunition in the “their is no God” argument.  With the power of The Holy Spirit we abide in Christ’s peace through these discussions and we begin to notice that, subtly, even though their arguments are against God and/or His existence they say many things showing that beneath their hardened argument they do know the truth.

Pastor Sean once told me of a discussion he had with an oil field worker and his big huge friend (“Im happy he didn’t hit me” Pastor Sean said).  The oil field worker said something like “their is no God”.  Pastor Sean told Him “you do believe in God, you are currently suppressing it though.”

Sigh of relief.  It is not our job to make some one believe in God.  They already do.  Satan has put veils over this remembrance and The Holy Spirit is capable of taking them down, revealing a life filled with grace.

In a recent discussion like this some one said ” God makes humans human, tells them not to be human, then punishes them with eternal torture for being human. Great story to tell the kids right before bed.”  To which the reply was “you are right.  it being not all rainbows and butterflies does not make it any less the truth”.

Finding God can be difficult.  He speaks to us in many ways.  His kingdom is written into our hearts though.   This makes the job of bringing suppressing believers to belief a little easier.  We are helping them to stop suppressing.  It’s not some idea outside of them we are asking them to take hold of.  They already have it and are just in denial.  Keep calm and strive in The Spirit, they will come home one day.