For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, He shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.
 You ever notice how the same temperature can feel different?  If its 72 degrees because the heater is on it feels comfortable.  If its 72 degrees because the sun is shining through a windowpane it feels glorious.  How our bodies feel the difference I don’t know but I sure enjoy basking in it.  I hope today we get to bask in the glory of Jesus.
   We all have things we do in our schedules that we know aren’t quite right but we do them anyway.  I for instance drive for a living, and sometimes I have to use caffeine in order to keep up.  Caffeine makes me think negative thoughts, so I know God would rather me not use it.  I do anyway.
   Lets imagine me using caffeine (that action) is the fruit of a tree.  If I take away the fruit once, it will blossom again.  I have to to take away the branches too.  Isn’t that absolutely miraculous when God takes a problem in our lives away, fruit, branches, trunk and roots?  We are left not even realizing that the problem is gone, that our prayers have been answered until some time later.  Jesus!


Jesus uses the metaphor of plants that bear fruit constantly.

  • The fruit represents something tangible: a visible action or an experience.  The fruit will not occur without the seed, roots, branches, trunk and leaves.
  • The seed is just a little something that may or may not take root.
  • The roots represent a hardness like a rule, a fact, something to live by or a repetitive action.
  • The roots support the visible trunk.  Have you ever seen someone who always does something kinda peculiar and you wonder why does that person always do that?  the answer to that question lies in the root of that persons actions.
  • The branches represent a network of thoughts and actions that come from that seed.  The seed is now gone, the earth has made it into something else.
  • The leaves represent things around us that are in support of our thoughts and actions.  Things such as other people who relate to us, movies who support it, Bible verses that support us, songs and poems that support it, other phenomena that occurs that metaphorically fit our actions.  they feed it and encourage it.
  • If the tree stays healthy it produces fruit .  This fruit has an affects on everything around it.
  The seed of baptism is: Our God’s creation of a world where baptism is a part of reality.  Jesus created those seeds.  The roots of baptism rest in the Living Word of the Holy Bible.  The trunk is shown when we repent of our sins and decide to start making plans to get baptized.  The branches can be seen in all the thoughts and actions that God pours into us through studying scripture.  Studying scripture and actively believing are leaves.  So are the believers that God places into our lives that support us as and sharpen us as we do the same for them.  That fruit begins to blossom when our plans to get baptized start to form and become solid.  That forming in our schedules intertwines and propitiates with the idea of what baptism is.  The fruit is the baptism and the washing away of sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost are the nourishment.