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This lesson is a bit deep and will probably make us mad because it doesn’t, at first, sound like it is glorifying God.  Please trust me, brace and placate yourself for what we are about to read and pray about whether or not it is truth.  I am only a man searching for the truth and this is one of the things I have found in reading The Word.

There are a few examples in the Bible when Jesus had to be disrespectful to His parents and this may be one of them.  His mother simply brings the situation to His attention.  He knows her intentions (the partakers want more wine) and basically rebukes her saying His hour has not yet come.  Probably preparing the way spiritually for His crucifixion, sending that sin immediately to the crucifixion, and marrying our sins to Him dying while losing The Father’s presence as it was woven with the future sins of His church.

We as believers don’t like the idea of Jesus having sinned because He is the perfect lamb.  The spotless sacrifice.  And He is.  Seems contradictory?  it isn’t, read on.

Here’s the thing, baptism really works <Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.> and so, does asking God for forgiveness; and so does repentance.   Jesus was perfect and spotless when He entered the crucifixion.  He believed and had a connection with His Father.  He had to become that way just the same way as every other human does.  He was just way better at it than anyone of us are.  If He did sin than He asked for God to forgive Him of His sin.  But He most likely never did anything against His Father’s will.  Also He was baptized which is for the Holy Ghost and the remission of sin.  He spent forty days and nights in the dessert living off of that connection, alone.  Believing in the cross is powerful because it leads you to be washed of your sin, maybe in accordance with how much you believe.  Jesus had a direct connection with The Father.   That connection is what lead Him through life.  It was that connection that cleansed Him of His sin and it is that connection that lead Him to suffer for our sins.

We believe His suffering was real, as in real, as in part of reality, as in He was dying on the cross and taking on our sins, not spotless.  He became more filthy than any human has ever been, and felt more shame than any human being was built to handle ( it would be like an ant swallowing whole a blue whale, that amount of stuff just doesnt belong in that small of a space.  A drinking glass (the human body) is not meant to bear an ocean’s worth of shame (sin) this I believe is why He bled from every pour).  That must have been truly excruciating for a spiritual man to endure.

He didn’t bleed from every pore for no reason.  The worlds sin (death) entered Him and the life blood just couldn’t be around that much sin, it escaped.  That amount of sin had never been in one person at one time and it was like north on north for magnets.  They just cant touch.

He entered the situation having lead a life that perfected Him.  He became the spotless lamb the same way any other man would become spotless: through hard spiritual work and perseverance of faith day in and day out;  And then took on all of the filth of all of the people who have ever lived, sinned, and believed.   There is really nothing to compare it to, but it would be like cleaning a mansion spotlessly.  It taking many many years and then letting it become a magnet of filth so that people who are out water skiing can send the filth of their houses that they don’t care to clean out to it.  WE DON’T DESERVE THAT KIND OF LOVE, YET IF WE BELIEVE, IT IS OURS, ABUNDANTLY OURS.

Here are some scriptures that back up the idea of Jesus’ sin:

Romans 3:23 / – Jesus is included in all (as in every human)

Genesis 8:21 /- Jesus was a human

1 Kings 8:46 / Ecclesiastes 7:20 /

Romans 3:9 /

Luke 2:52 / In order for Him to increase he had to start at some decredal point

John 1:1 / Jesus has two separate natures: God and man. He was and is The Word who was God  …    and was with God   …   and was made flesh. and that flesh needed to learn the difference between good and evil just like every one of us have to.  He didn’t just have it.  That is why Him dying for us is such a huge sacrifice.  He earned perfection and then sacrificed it for His people. which leads to Isaiah 7:16/  In learning we all make mistakes

This seemingly demonic truth actually increases the power of baptism, and increases the reality of the SACRIFICE He made.  It truly was the greatest sacrifice ever.  Imagine living perfectly and then telling your thieving, adulteress, liar of a friend that she can go ahead and live guiltless and shamelessly.  That she won’t have to bear the fruits of her iniquity and that you’ll go ahead and take on those burdens for her.  That is what it means to bear others’ crosses.  Once they see what it is like to live without those things they have a reason to strive for that sort of living.

It is like that in Isaiah 8.  Jesus comes in and pours out on the Jews who are living iniquitously.  He changes reality so that it is like they are living righteously.  So He, through His prophets, can say look how good life is right now.  This is what its like to bear the fruits of the spirit.  Now go forth and sin no more so that you may live this way.  Then bam.  Back to the old shackles and chains of sin.  It takes work to break those chains away and fill our time doing things that till, sow, and grow fruits of the spirit.  Now that the Jews know about the pleasures of living for God they may turn away from their iniquities.  We are always tilling, sowing and growing things spiritually (for good and evil) whether we admit it, are aware of it, or not.  Its like breathing.  its always happening.  If its for God it encourages goodness ahead of  us.  If it is for Satan it encourages evil.

Praise Lord Jesus and I thank Him for not only dying on the cross for us but living the life he lived.  He could have lived longer and had a lot more fun.  Jesus you are my hero and Thank you for life and everyone in it.