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May God bless your life today, yesterday and tomorrow!  He created this world and everything in and around it.  There are events now adays that end up in the vast majority of the public and sometimes they are metaphorically useful to us in our walk with God.  If you are not familiar with Aron’s Journey with the boulder check it out here first so we are on the same page whilst learning how Jesus can teach us through it.


Let’s Begin

The boulder represents God.  Not just God though.  It represents the power of the people who pray for us and God; it represents our decision to take God’s nudge toward Him and God; It represents God being with us while we allow Him to break our flesh and rid our demons, and spirit hindering habits in determination to live a life more pleasing to Him;  It represents faith.  It represents God.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a canyon and we decide to climb out before the boulder traps us.  We have the choice to stay in that canyon, follow the call of Christ and admit to ourselves that we are weak and wrong and that we need Christ in our lives.  Repentance is beautiful and emotional.  We die in there.  If we are a rose, some of the petals that make us up wither, die and fall away, making room for a new blossoming of the person Christ has already prepared for us.  We just kind of shift our thoughts, actions, words, motivations, schedule to be more like that person God has waiting for us to turn into.

The person being pinned down in the hole represents the process (not the event) of being reborn spiritually.  It takes a while and don’t expect it to happen over night.   For me it started in 2010 and I was washed of my sins in 2014.  That’s longer than any pregnancy of any animal on earth.  After I am fully reborn then who knows what will happen but I trust that all will be aimed towards God perfecting me in His image in order to be more suitable to be in His presence in heaven.  Being reborn is tough.  You become separated from your world.  God pins you down and breaks your flesh in a very lonely place.

When Aron has a vision of his son this represents new life.  Aron was about to give up, and then he sees the future.  In that future is his unborn son.  This son, this extension of him, this “new life” from his own seed represents the newborn creation spiritually that gives us hope for the future and motivates us to keep God in mind.  BOOM, game on, determination blossoms.  This is a major crux in the story: the decision to give up his arm.  Aron is a climber.  giving up his arm means giving up who he is as a climber.  This is like a shark giving up a fin;  A guitarist losing fingers on his fretting hand;  A cashier giving up their ability to count money or be friendly;  A professional allowing themselves to become dumb;  A sail boat cutting its sail in half.

Imagine this.  Clear your mind and see Aron walking.  He is now nose up on a brick wall.  He can die there at the wall.  It shows him that there is indeed a new life beyond that wall.  In order to get past the wall he has to become a different person in the same body.  Aron says “yeah, I can be a new person”  The wall says ” you don’t understand how difficult it is to be a new person so to ensure you actually do become a new person I am gonna take your arm.  That will change the structure of your life socially and athletically”.

To receive new life a person must be willing to be a new life.  To give up a portion of who they are as a person.  Aron gave up who he was as a climber to break free… he gave up his freakin arm!  God does not change who we are for us.  He lays the foundations of it and we have to toil in order to get there.

Like the earth.  God laid the foundations of the earth  With rocks and dirt and trees.  We made I-phones.  It took a while and we arent always concentrating on the goal but its the major theme most of the time.

Think about that for a minute.  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THAT IS MAN MADE CAME FROM THE METALS, ROCKS, TREES AND PLANTS THAT ALL STARTED AS EARTH.  We had to toil for generations toget to I-phones and planes and skyscrapers.  Us receiving new life requires that we see how we are a part of the toil of the goal of the world.  We must begin to toil in the spirit and evolve ourselves spiritually.

There is no finish line in this life when it comes to Christianity.  You become closer to God and that never ends here on earth.